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We're at Books and Cookies this month!


This is a stand-up comedy show and gathering of parents, their babies and friends to laugh and get to know each other.


Hand picked top comedians will perform a hilarious line-up geared toward making parents laugh and babies giggle.


Zoe and Anne-Marie are both mothers and comedians who love BABIES & COMEDY so they decided to create a show so they could bring their babies to work.

About us

Sunday Mar 20th

doors open at 3:30pm & event ends at 5pm

They say it takes a village to raise a child and they aren't kidding.  Raising a baby can be lonely & sometimes feels really isolating. We both felt like we were no longer welcome at the cool table. However we know we're cool so we created this show! It's a place where new & cool parents can come together, laugh and enjoy life while giving back! And to let people know that life only gets better with babies!

Anne-Marie Symons is an Irish Immigrant, straight off the boat... she didn't have money for the plane. She performs stand-up all over the world and shares her experiences as a fish out of water immigrant and life as a wife and new mom. "Some people think my comedy is a little risqué but I just say what everyone else is thinking. In America people think I'm wild but in my family I'm the conservative one. I love being Irish and being a mom because people have to be okay with me being drunk... it's my culture."

Zoe Rogers performs stand-up comedy all over the world. She is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet... at least this side of the LA river. And it is always a blast to watch her perform and share her hilarious experiences as a mom & wife. "Being a mom is awesome and exhausting. It’s like dealing with the cutest and craziest hecklers you’ve ever met. There’s no sleep or predictability, but there is the universal experience of being a parent. Whether you are a parent, step parent, or have just stood in line behind children, you know that they offer a unique, honest, and LOUD perspective on life."

Books & cookies is a drop-off point for the charity Baby2Baby; so feel free to drop off your gently used baby & kids items. Here's their donation list: THANKS!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Comic Line-up

Come see these top comics live at our show. Our comics aren't only hilarious they're also sexy. RAAAWWWRRR! (cat scratch gesture)  

Dave Nystrom

(Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Comedy Now!)  

Jon Raymond Fisher

(HaHa Comedy Club, The National Midnight Society)  

Chris Bryant

(Westside Comedy Theater, The Improv)  

Zoe Rogers

(, Edinburgh Fringe)  

Anne-Marie Symons

(Edinburgh Fringe, Comedy Store)

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